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We are proud to offer a selection of wedding crowns (Stefana) to our brides in the Greek community.

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In a Greek wedding, the crowning is the highlight of the wedding service. The crowns are signs of the glory and honor during the sacrament. The groom and the bride are crowned as the king and queen of their own kingdom, the home, which they will rule with wisdom, justice and integrity. Styles may vary, but traditional crowns were made of delicate white flowers and evergreen leaves, symbolizing fertility. Orange blossoms were used to signify purity, as were roses. Olive branches would be woven in, as well as herbs such as thyme and basil, a tradition remaining from the celebration of the goddess Adephagia, who revealed the secrets of herbs to the ancient Greeks. The ribbon, which unite the bride and groom at the “crowning” of the ceremony, is the traditional white for purity. Elaborate crowns are often used. They can feature intricate beading or metal work that match the bride’s gown. Couples may even use crowns of porcelain, silk flowers, and metal.

stefana wedding crowns